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Early Historya8体育老是卡

In 1996 we were worked together with Wipro InfoTech as South Tamil Nadu Distributor of computer system. At that time, we were known as Info Tech India as Wipro system distributor. The initial step of Prism technology is worked with Wipro Company which is the world best information technology corporate.

Prism technology's foremost consciousness is shaped a lot of anticipation among the customers ambiance as "First impression is the best impression". Till the date we are gratifying the customer's expectation at all the aspects. Moreover, we have done IT services for various Central Government company in India such as Indian Rare Earth Limited (IRE), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and State Government departments like Telecom department in Nagercoil, Government Hospitals and Kanyakumari District Superintendent of Police Office. Therefore, Prism technology's IT Service experiences hike the status in Information Technology industry.

First Footprint on WWWa8体育触屏版

In 2003 computer distribution circumstances was sluggish at that time only we have printed our first foot on World Wide Web (WWW) industry. Now, Prism Technology is one of the leading companies and to be found a unique position among the cyber world customers from overcoming all the obstacles and hitches. Prism technology has an ethical principle as the proverb like "Work is Work ship and Workspace is Temple" and we have been working together under the unity teamwork. As a result we are launching the advance technology to the world and getting succeeded.


Trillions of companies are doing responsibility services for trillions of customers as per their obligatory needs. According to the research based experiment we have been indentifying the slip-up of companies or how the conglomerates are deceiving the customers' expectations. After studying entire state of affairs we have introduced into Web design industry and designing alamode website with the latest technology for customers. We are working to the customers for the research of, that the customers like what type of brand, how much money they spend for that and the general viewers what they are expected. This is the one of the motive for our triumph.

Our EthicalA8体育链接后的网站


Prism technology honors our valuable customers who are giving an opportunity. We are more conscious about customer's benefits in all the features behalf of prism technology. Therefore our slogan is "My Customer My Boss".

website designing company in nagercoil, bangalore, chennai, coimbatore

Our vision is faithful towards providing personalized and reliable and relevant service to our customers, because "MY CUSTOMER MY BOSS" our happiest moment is to serve up our "BOSS".

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Our mission is to form a "SMILLING CUSTOMER" and "INDEED SERVICES" at every country across the world. Every entrepreneur has to know "PRISM TECHNOLOGY" the tail part of india.

Mohan Kumar N. (CEO - Prism Technology)



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Our founder Mr. N. Mohan Kumar, CEO of Prism Technology started his journey in 1987 as a Marketing Manager at "Network India" IT solution provider at chennai. For 3 years he spent his life for dedicating that company and he had learned all the techniques about marketing. He was shined as the legend in "Marketing Field" in that company. Later he joined "Wipro Infotech" in 1988 as a Channel Partner and he had shown up his ability of the marketing techniques and learned information technology knowhow's for seven years. He knows all the technological background very well. In 1996 he started a company in his hometown in the name of "Info Tech India" at Nagercoil (Capital of Kanyakumari District). He served his technical skills to his valuable customers and he implemented his well known experience of marketing techniques at his company. As a result he satisfied each and every precious customers, he managed his office administration in a unique way. He has been maintaining a good relationship to all the customers and employees. By the way of his principle Prism Technology placed a Footprint on information Technology field and it is running successfully as one of the best IT Company in tail part of our nation India. He desired to start his company branches in all metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Trivandrum and Ernakulum. The founder of Prism Technology's mission is to print a unique status company across India as Web Design Company in Delhi, Web Design Company in Hyderabad, Web Design Company in Bangalore, Web Design Company in Chennai, Web Design Company in Trivandrum, Web Design Company in Ernakulum and Web Design Company in Coimbatore. Our vision about the company is that whenever the people required IT services, instantly their mind think Prism Technology.

K.P. Viju Kumar



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Our General Manager Mr. K.P. Viju Kumar started his career in 1996. At the beginning; he was interested in Application Development. For this he spent more time to research for providing user-friendly application to the customers. He had deeply knowledge in programming languages such as C, C++, FoxPro, VB, Dot Net, PHP etc. and also he was updating new technology, that's why Prism Technology open wide and invite him as a General Manager in 2004. Prism Technology has been providing new technology implementations to the customers. He is the man for knowing the client requirements and providing such a good services to the customer. He fulfills his vision as a part of our company. Still he continues his dedicated service with us. His vision is to acquire the new technology and the same should be reaches to the clients across the world.

Our TechnicalA8体育为什么有时候不能看直播

Our team is highly professional and vast experienced in Information Technology. We are providing special training to our team in technological background, hand coding program, clarity design and time management etc.

Our HR team will evaluate the technical skill & creativity of the employees. The trained employees will handle the projects as per the customer requirements. The main aim of our company is strictly concentrate on the projects and the customer satisfaction. This is the "MANTRA" (Principle of Development ) of success of our company.

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web design company in nagercoil, bangalore, chennai, coimbatore

We thank to almighty God! Since 1996 we are running a software company at Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India. Customer satisfaction is the main aim of our company, so first of all we identify their requirements and fulfill their needs. The customer honest smile is our success. The major successful parameter is that we consider one and each project as important and complete it within in the committed date to the customer.

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