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Prism Technology hasn't made-up the perception of color psychology because it is in-built of the Nature when God has created the world. The Earth is enclosed with Sky which is 'Sky blue' in color, trees and plants which is 'Green' in color and sandy soil which is 'Red' in color. The foundation of RGB color is from the Nature. According to scientists, a trillion of colors can be produced by the combination of RGB colors. There is a solid reason to have multiple colors of blossoms, birds, butterflies, Ocean and Sky, the simple logical reason is to 'get more attraction to each other'. Thus, we can conclude that, color has a magical power of attraction. Let's consider a man would get attracted by women from his way of dress coding with elegant color choice. Expert Psychiatrist believes that behavior of human being is coupled with colors. The magical color concept is using to sell the smart products from manufacturing company in the modern world.

Information Technology hub also depends on the color conception only. Internet / Online services are growing vigorously due to the magic of colors such as Websites, Shopping cart and so on. Customer shows faith and respect to your company and product brands if your website is impressed by magic of colors from viewers and customers. Trillions of web designing and web development companies are succeeding by the influence of color opinion in the world. Websites, shopping cart and informative websites are designed by means of magical colors.

prism technology a unique web designing company in nagercoil, bangalore, chennai and goa

Prism Technology is designing the websites, web application development, user interface and informative websites based on the above mentioned color psychology concept. We have a special color psychology perception to be valid the effects through some peculiar colors. The Magic of color combination can be grasping by seeing 'Peacock's Tail Feather' which has dazzling blue and green plumage and very long tail feathers that have eye-like markings. This brilliant magic color is we are using while developing the websites, web application development and informative sites. Prism Technology website is the best evidence for magical colors technology. The secret of color technology design can be sense in our customer's websites.

Prism technology has been maintaining a unique proposal in color psychology and information technology platform across the world. This is the backbone secret of triumph in our company as well as customers victory.


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. Color psychology of web design companies across the Global Market.

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Generally websites are in multi colors; either the web designer chosen images or customer given images with multi colors. Sometimes it will cause the presentation of the website and also it contrary. Most of the web design companies and customers are let it be. But there is no attraction and involvement if viewers visit your website. Actually; your website will represent brand values and company stability of yours to customers. That is the vital role of the websites.


We have strong knowledge about the color theme and the viewers. If you had developed your website as per the color theme you would get more numbers of visitors frequently and also they would fond on your company and your products. It will help you to get ranking in to the search engine like Google Chrome, Bing, Mozilla Firefox, Dolphin, Torch, Internet Explorer, Edge (Windows 10), Safari and Opera etc..

Prism Technology has been twisted numerous color theme for customers to get much impression. Here you go, to get paying attention through our websites for checking our theme color websites.

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is a solid evidance for our web design technology.

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We might have seen unlimited host at Rs.99/- only on newspaper advertisement. Do not believe those advertisement because for a particular space charging approximately, Rs.2000/- to Rs.6000/- in global market. In that case, is it possible to get at Rs.99? Impossible! Sometimes customer believes those fake advertisements and purchases the host to them. Next year customer will be shocked due to unexpected huge amount for renewal process. Therefore, dear customer makes a standard host purchase with standard company along with standard price.

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Free domain registration advertisement is completely fraudulent. The cost of the domain is around 800 INR. If you go for it, next year the company asked a huge amount for premium domain. If you are not paid your business data' will lose data and it creates backlogs for your product services and brand reputation. So the situation seems by compellation, you renewal your own website. Therefore, dear customer does not go for free domain registration and make a domain registration with standard company along with reasonable price.

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Those companies are not at all advisable because the charge of the domain register is Rs.800/- and also an international security cost is approximately 2000 INR. So it is impossible to develop a website in a meager amount according to the law of average in Universe. If any company ready to develop a website such meager amount just be careful that company is trying to fool the customers. Dear customer PRISM Technology advices that design your website with reputed organization along with affordable cost.

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Certainly you can trust, before that you have to know about company's sustainability, experience and also client based experiences of company. For knowing those things browse "whois-search.com" website, in that search the concern company's domain name and then go through all the client links and details on that website. If you are satisfied all those information about that company make an order along with agreement. PRISM Technology recommended that develop your website with well known organization because it is your product display area.

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Before giving an order to web Design Company, customer has to ensure that, is there any ethical designing system for website design which means within in a periodical time company shows your website design progress through the demo concept. By this demo concept customer review their website and give suggestions for further modification of it. This is the way to satisfy the customer and rectify their needs. Subsequently you can blindly believe that company. Prism Technology has the demo tool for customer website design progress.

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Yes, 100% important. Keeping smooth relationship with your website developed company for future modification. For example, if you want to change your contact details and also add information or pictures on your website you can directly contact the company without any hesitation. Renewal process information and your website updating process also you can frequently contact with that company and vice versa. You can consider such customer relationship based company. Prism technology has been maintaining the customer relationship properly.

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